May 9, 2024

All the Amenities

Part of choosing a new place to live is looking at the community and all of its perks as a whole. Because let’s be honest, it’s more than just your own dwelling — you want to find a neighborhood that makes you feel entirely at home.

In master-planned communities, life extends beyond your backyard with ample opportunities for adventure. So, let’s talk all things amenities and maybe you’ll have some new non-negotiable standards or luxurious ‘nice-to-have’ items on your checklist!


Our local buyers are familiar with those hot Texas summers, so as a new home-buyer, having a pool nearby might be non-negotiable! And if you’re not a Texas native, buckle-up because from Memorial Day to Labor Day the summer heat is no joke — you’ll definitely want a place to cool off and relax. Look for a community with a centrally-located neighborhood pool. Not only will you beat the heat, but your family will have the best days together spent in the sun. Extra perks to look for at the pool: shaded seating or a covered cabana area, lounge chairs for sunbathing, and a splash pad/fun zone for the kids!


It is also very convenient to have a clubhouse or general amenity center accessible to the community’s residents. Having a multi-use common space can build neighborhood connections and encourage neighbors to use the space or host events/meetings in the building. The space could even come in handy if you need a change in scenery and need a quiet space for remote work. A central “hub” can make a neighborhood feel more inviting with a friendly, communal atmosphere that brings about a sense of belonging.


Another added convenience and cost-effective amenity is a community gym! Save money on monthly gym memberships and find a neighborhood with a workout space for all your fitness goals. Neighborhood gyms usually provide a basic collection of workout machines, your standard weights and dumbbells, and cardio area with treadmills — everything you need for a true full-body workout session. Some athletic centers might even host small workout classes if enough residents are involved and interested in attending.


One of the most popular master-planned community amenities is none other than a playground. Swings, slides, monkey bars and more! Serving as endless entertainment and fresh-air activity, a neighborhood playground is the perfect place for any kid to play. Stop here at the end of your walk through the community and even have the chance to meet new faces who just might become new friends!


Whether you like to get active or purely want to enjoy a breath of fresh-air, trails that meander throughout your community are a must-have! Miles of paths for you to walk or bike at your own leisure, and connect with nature while you’re at it. Take in the views of your neighborhood and wave to other residents along the way.

Green Space

In large master-planned communities with tons of houses, it’s nice to retain as much green space as possible. Whether it’s a green belt or an organized grassy area — some call it event lawns — a common green space open to the neighborhood is a wonderful addition. This flexible space can encourage your family to spend quality time outside together or engage in fun games and activities with friends. If the community is okay with it, this is also a great space to host birthday parties and social gatherings!

UnionMain Homes is proud to build dream homes in a number of amazing master-planned communities across the DFW Metroplex. If you have questions or are interested in finding a place with all the amenities you can imagine, check out our communities page to learn more. We hope you find a home in one of our neighborhoods that brings adventure to your door, sparks happiness both in and outside of your house, and makes you want to stay a while!