March 19, 2024

Spring is a Time for New Beginnings: Why to Buy in the Spring Market

The chill of winter is finally thawing and the sun is beginning to shine its warm, embracing light. As spring flourishes into full bloom, there’s exciting things to come with the changing of the season.

If you’ve been contemplating entering the housing market but have been holding out for the perfect moment, now is your time. They say spring is a time for new beginnings, so take the leap and spring into a new home! Here are some reasons why buying in the spring market is beneficial.


Spring is perhaps one of the most beautiful times of the year — especially to see a home. You can spend your weekends taking in the fresh air as you travel to and from different communities, in and out of model homes staged to look their prettiest during the spring months. You might also walk around exploring on-site amenities and the outdoor scenery amidst mild temperatures, making it easy to imagine life at your new home. And with daylight savings, the evenings stay brighter a little longer, so you have the chance to see a potential home after work hours. Experience is everything, so if you start the house hunting with a feel-good mentality in the springtime, you just might find your dream home.

A tower with red berries in front of it, heralding the arrival of spring.
A white two-story home with a large front porch welcomes spring as a time for new beginnings.


The spring market is also advantageous to home buyers because you will have options. With it still being early in the year, builders have strong goals they want to meet, meaning there’s a lot of inventory to choose from when you start looking in the spring. And if you’re there as soon as spring has sprung, chances are you’ll come across the early season gems once they hit the market!


Along with spring’s mild temperatures, comes pretty mild pricing — and that’s an enticing one! Although home prices are beginning to ramp up during this time, they are not yet at their peaks which come in the summer months. The extremes of the summer market also bring in a frenzy of competition, which can bring stress and pressure on a buyer when they’re trying to take this big step in home buying. So stick to the spring market, often featuring impressive home promotions, mild prices and flexibility for negotiation.

A house with money bags and coins on a wooden table signifies that Spring is a time for new beginnings.
A woman shaking hands with a young girl in front of a school bus, signaling the start of a new beginning in spring.


It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding a brand new home and getting involved with customization processes to make it your own. However, the best thing about making the move is when it all works out perfectly for the whole family. Buying in the spring market sets your family up with a seamless transition from contract to closing. With it being spring, your children can finish the current school year where they’re at, get moved into the new house before the new school year begins, and finally be settled in just in time for the traditions and fun that comes with the holiday season.

Our team at UnionMain Homes is delighted for the opportunities that come with the springtime. We hope you find yourself eager to visit our communities this season and share the same excitement we have about embarking on a new home adventure. If you’re interested in springing into the housing market this season, but still need more information, our network of talented new home sales counselors are ready to assist you in every way throughout the process. See you soon!